With a kind permission from the CATENA, on this page we publish selected reprints of in our opinion interesting papers from the magazine. 

A Tour of Biblical History, March 2023.
Fifteen Oxford Catenians embarked on a tour titled: 
‘The Bible in the Ashmolean – from creation to Oxford to the End of the Earth’.
A short report from the tour can be read directly from here or on the CATENA April 2023 page 42.

Keeping it in the family. February 2022.
Oxford Circle’s Peter Selwood and Denis O’Driscoll, who happen to be brothers-in-law, received their benemerenti medals in November. CATENA page 40. 

Newman’s Canonisation. November 2019.
A small group of Catenians from Oxford Circle joined thousands of others in Rome for the canonisation of John Henry Newman (1801-1890) on 13 October. On a beautiful warm day, Pope Francis canonised five people in front of a packed St Peter’s Square.
 CATENA page 47.

New Year, New You. February 2019.
A new year is a new opportunity to become fitter, healthier and happier. But, as Steve Seed from Preston South Circle explains, it need not be a chore.
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Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine.   December 2018.
But how do Catenians around the world celebrate Christmas? More from here.

Catenians in Context. Hugh Gilbert OSB, Bishop of Aberdeen, spoke to Aberdeen Circle about our relevance today. October 2018.
The UK is not as Christian as it was. In 2001, 72% of people in England and Wales identified as Christian, 6% as belonging to other religions and 15% as having no religion. In 2011, 59% of people described themselves as Christian, 11% as of other religions and 25% as of no religion. This is a shift away from a Christian default position. People might have said: “I don’t go to church but I do think of myself as Christian.” That attitude is waning. To continue reading click here.

Changing Lives. September 2018.
In 2012 the Province 20 Youth Support Fund awarded a grant, sponsored by Canning Circle, that set a young man on the road to priesthood.
Sheldon Burke and Georgia Naughton-Wat were both given Catenian grants to atend a Youth Leaders Formaton Course hosted by the archdiocese of Sydney. Twenty participants from around Australia, 12 girls and eight boys from the ages of 18 to 27, including Sheldon and Georgia, shared a month-long journey that involved daily Masses, devine office prayers and two lectures per day given by inspiring local and national speakers. To continue reading click here.

Peter Devine talks about the plans for FLAME 2019. September 2018
Can you imagine a Catholic youth event which fills Wembley Arena? One in which coaches descend on the capital, jam-packed with teenagers wanting to affirm their faith in God? Click here to read the whole paper.

Working together for a better future. September 2018.
Catenians, young Christans and a leading Christan organisaton came together in the Holy Land at the end of September for a conference called Together for a Beter Future. To full report is accessible from here.

THE CROWN OF LIFE. August 2018.
Past Grand President John M Barrie, Croydon Circle, extols the value of Catenian friendship. 
Friendship has been practised and written about from the earliest times. Classical friendships were in pairs. Aristotle’s opinion is that having several friends is not possible. Solon’s words of wisdom to the world were: “Get not friends quickly; but when you have got them, do not reject them.” Socrates talks about the value of friendship and insists that a good friend is the most useful of all possessions.  
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