Catenians and Oxford Circle

Who are the Catenians?


The Catenian Association is an international association of Catholic men who meet locally, at least once a month at local branches (or Circles), and who share common values. Members form a close community with shared spiritual values, offering lifelong support and friendship reflecting Christian love for one another and their families. Members are drawn from all walks of life, and, consequently, have a vast range of differing talents and experience, they could, in fact, be a collection of men drawn from any church congregation, all with similar anxieties, aspirations, concerns but all have a common bond as practicing Catholics. Membership is open to Catholic laymen over the age of eighteen. 

The Oxford Circle was established in 1943 and covers parishes in the North Oxford Deanery (Birmingham Archdiocese), Thames Isis & North Downs Pastoral Areas, (Portsmouth Diocese). Names of Circle main parishes with links are listed on the side menu area.

The Circle meetings are taking place once a month, currently at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Oxford – see Contacts for more details.

Famous Oxford Catholics: John Henry Newman, Dominic Barberi and JRR Tolkien.